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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center & Wellness Center located in The Bend , Las Vegas, NV

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Amy Bass, NP

Amy Lee Bass, N.P. is a North Carolina native with a career in trauma, critical care, plastic surgery, and aesthetics. Amy graduated from nursing school as a Registered Nurse in 2003 in Wilmington, NC. She started her auspicious career as an RN in the surgical trauma intensive care unit. Amy continued on to pursue an active career working as a traveling nurse assisting in critical care units across the country. Amy also acquired extensive experience through her work in ambulatory surgical nursing, inpatient intensive care, and her work in a private practice setting.

Later Amy earned her Master of Science in Nursing and a degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Touro University. In 2008, Amy moved to Las Vegas and earned her impressive reputation by gaining vital experience through a private aesthetics practice where she received ample specialized training in the field of aesthetics.

Throughout Amy’s graduate program, her mother was battling cancer. It was through that difficult time that Amy began her graduate thesis on integrative therapy with a specific focus on treating breast cancer survivors. Integrative medicine and therapies are all-inclusive of the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual aspects of health. In researching these various aspects and through her own first-hand experience with early-stage melanoma, Amy gained an expansive perspective and a vast appreciation of the benefits of integrative medicine and living a healthy, natural lifestyle. This began her passion for alternative medicines and therapies.

Amy continued her ambitious and accomplished career path in the world of plastics until the Summer of 2021. That summer, Amy was involved in a horrific accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury and other serious injuries. Amy has always been a seeker of knowledge and information, which led her to explore every healing modality she could find to restore her cognitive functions and repair the damage sustained by the accident. Throughout the process of her healing journey as a result of that accident, Amy discovered hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

After experiencing the discouraging setbacks, side effects, and lack of efficacy of traditional medicines and treatments in the medical sector, she was thrilled to realize the incredible potency and benefits when she explored the world of hyperbarics. HBOT was the only treatment that truly helped resuscitate a healthy level of oxygen flow back to her brain. Due to the profound healing effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Amy knew that her life and career path were about to change dramatically.

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Janelle Ardizzone

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Miesha Tate

“Where the mind goes, the body follows.”

Miesha Tate is a Warrior, Mother and MMA powerhouse. She won the Women’s UFC Bantamweight Championship in 2016. She has proudly represented the US of A in FILA world grappling championship taking home a Silver Medal. Most recently her fighting spirit brought her another big victory on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother season 3.

Miesha learned the power of Hyperbarics early on in her professional career, initially utilizing HBOT to heal from a knee injury. Amazed by her miraculous & timely recovery, Miesha bought her own hyperbaric chamber for consistent at home use. She is driven by her knowledge as a professional athlete and her experiences such as home birth as proof that when the mind and body are synergistic we are capable of great things. She is motivated to help others reach their individual goals and maintain peak performance for life at Desert Moon Wellness.
In Loving Memory

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Dr. Kelly Ryder, DC, ART, CCSP
Dr. Ryder was a global expert and legend in the Hyperbaric Oxygen community. A pioneer for brain health, he advocated for years and got Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy approved by the Department of Defense for troops with PTSD and TBI. In Summer 2021, he founded Biohack Las Vegas with Janelle Ardizonne and Miesha Tate as the Medical Director. Unfortunately the world lost Dr. Ryder in September 2021. Janelle and Miesha decided to carry on his mission and with their new Medical Director, Amy Bass, founded Desert Moon Wellness in 2022. Although not physically present, his energy and presence remains.